Take a look at this refreshing asics shoes

Asics (ASICs) is running shoes brand Japan founded by Onizuka Yayoshiro ASICS, translated from the Latin motto "anima SANA in corpora Sano", meaning "a sound mind in a healthy body" [1]. Its products represent the exquisite and professional national culture of japan. The brand adhere to the high-tech, high-quality standards, developed a number of patents, will prevent the wearer injury and sports fun combination, laid the world's fifth largest sports brand status.

Here is every shoe with a ventilation system. ABEBEBIKILA, the legendary marathon runner, first chose TIGER shoes when he began wearing running shoes in 1961. In order to make shoes more comfortable and feet attached, TIGER measured the foot of no less than 20 thousand people for technical reference. At the Tokyo Olympics in 1964, athletes wearing TIGER brand shoes received 46 medals.

By 1970, TIGER became the largest running shoe producer in the United States, and 70% of the most famous athletes were wearing TIGER shoes. In the 1972 Olympics, 80% of volleyball players wore TIGER shoes. Since the Munich Olympics, TIGER has been popular in europe.